Tablet Shipments Seen Surging Past Desktops and Laptops in Q4

September 14, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Tablet shipments are set to overtake desktop and laptop computers during the fourth quarter of this year. A forecast by International Data Corporation shows that tablet shipment will overtake the entire PC business (laptops and desktops together) by 2015.

It is common knowledge that people have started thinking of tablets as substitutes for PCs. The latest statistics perfectly illustrate this fact.

The demand for personal computers is now going through a negative growth phase, according to reports. Tablets have been slowly eating into the market share of PCs over the past few years, and at present we can say that the tablet business is on a steep growth phase.


Studies also show the declining rate of Windows users at present. One third of the recently shipped PCs and tablets are not running in Windows OS!  Yes, the pioneer in OS scenario is now struggling to survive due to strong competition from their widely accepted rivals like iOS and Android.

When we analyze the smart-connected device market, the expected sales this year will be valued at about $622 billion. Of this, $423 billion will come from low cost smart phones and tablets, which sport price tags of less than $350.

This shows the widely gaining popularity of budget level devices. IDC analyst Megha Saini has been quoted as saying that lower priced devices will be the game changers in the near future.

For this year, IDC has forecast shipments of 134.4 million desktop PCs, 180.9 million laptops, 227.3 million tablets and 1.01 billion smart phones. Smart phone shipments will reach 1.7 billion by 2017 and desktop shipments will decline to 123.11 million. The shipment of tablets, in the meantime, will be about 406.8 million.

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