Innovations that Charm the Home Theater System Terrain

September 12, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The home theater terrain has undergone a slew of welcome changes  over the past few years.

While manufacturers have vied with each other to bring to your living room the best hardware, there have also been innumerable experiments that have added more charm to the home theater systems  you brought home.

Revisiting the innovations that have come to our midst over the recent few years makes it interesting. Now let’s take a look at the awesome stuff that are set to breathe some added life to the many sets you have at home .


If you are someone who wants audio quality that competes with your HD television’s output, then the Pioneer SP-SB23W sound bar could be your pick.

The new speaker bar from Pioneer is designed by their world famous speaker engineer Andrew Jones, and comes with a bunch of features like stereo imaging and enhanced dynamic range.

The device comes with built-in Bluetooth and a wireless sub woofer. It carries a reasonable price tag too at $400, which is really good for a speaker bar of this quality and features.

Meanwhile, Simple.TV is back with its second generation DVR. The company has made many improvements in the new product than its predecessor. The device sports a flexible and aesthetic design and has dual tuners and a very good user interface.

The company hasn’t yet announced the price of the new DVR, but it is expected to reach the US shores this winter. The European release of the device will probably be in the next year.

The Harman Kardon Sabre SB35 slim sound bar will certainly take your viewing and listening experience to a new level. The device is as thin as your flat panel television and the thickness is just 1.25 inches.


Sporting a wireless 100 watt sub woofer and three HDMI inputs, it comes with a built in Bluetooth connectivity option that helps you to connect the device wirelessly to your smart phone or tablet.

The company claims that the device is the slimmest multi-channel 8.1 sound bar available in the market. The sound bar comes sporting a price tag of $1000.

Are you looking for a speaker system that delivers superb sound quality  at a reasonable price for your home theater system? Then Monoprice 10565 is the one or you. It comes with great aesthetics at a reasonably small price.

The 5.1 channel premium speaker system will be a good choice for customers who are looking to bring a good product at a budget price. The device costs $250 and will be available in the market from this November.

Sony UDA-1, the pioneer in electronic product market, has lined up a new release for this winter. The new Sony UDA-1 is coming with a 20 watt amplifier and an optical audio input which gives the user a very good experience.


The simple looks of the device make it attractive. You can play almost all the high resolution formats in this new device. The device costs $800.

The Polk Audio Woodbourne high end wireless audio device is ready to be released this October. The 24 inch device is powered with a 180 watt amplifier. The new device supports USB audio in and charging for iOS devices, a 3.5mm Aux input, and a digital optical input so that you can easily take the input from your TV or Blu-ray player.

This Bluetooth device has features like built in Wi Fi and Airplay. The device comes with a price tag of $600, which is a bit expensive for a Bluetooth speaker.

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