Best Possible Features in a Smartwatch

September 10, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The basic concept of wearable devices like the smartwatch is that it is a time-telling gadget, but in reality, they do much more than just telling you the time. Therefore, by calling them smartwatches, you could be even mislabeling such special products.

When you sell a product, the name, of course, matters. So, when you call a device smartwatch, people get a different perception of the product. In reality, smartwatches are evolving products and are more like wearable computer devices that offer various functions and features.

Samsung Galaxy Gear and the upcoming Apple iWatch have little to do with a wrist-watch. Although these devices display time, time-telling is not their core function. They are more like a networked sensor bands or Radio bands that sport a screen.

Smart Watch

Here we discuss the essential possible features of the so called smartwatch, which is designed to do more things than just time-telling.

The biggest problem with an electronic device is that it needs charging, so you need to use cables and adapters to juice it up. Therefore, one thing we hope to see in an upcoming wearable device is that it can be charged without wires. In other words, it can be charged by using a charging plate. If it becomes true, then it will be a superior experience for the user.

What do you think about a device, which can charge by itself? A recent patent by Apple shows that the company is thinking about a device that can use inductive charging. For example, such a device can charge by the user’s footfalls or arm swinging. It will be awesome!

The second in our wish list is that it should accommodate a variety of sensors so that it can help measure vital signs and the wearer’s surrounding.

Security is a real concern in this tech-oriented world. Therefore, the next generation wearable technology needs to come with a fingerprint reader or otherwise support voice-pattern recognition. This kind of biometric authentication would ensure security and authenticity.

The biggest advantage of a smartwatch on a wrist is that, it can assess the wearer’s physical condition like no other device. A smart wearable device can be able to collect physiological data of its wearer. If developers try to add such kind of features in their smartwatches, it could provide great help in analyzing health of a human body.

If you include a cellular radio or Bluetooth LE in a smartwatch, it would be able to communicate directly with other devices or will be able to exchange contact information automatically between two people wearing such devices.

Meanwhile, a radio band like device should be programmable. But these services and software should not look similar to the apps that are often created for mobile devices. Instead it should follow the style of services in Google’s Glass.

For a wrist-bound device, there are multiple applications to do.  It needs to also act as a personal tracker, and can be used in self-defense. For such a device used for safety purposes, developers should make sure that it can be locked and could transmit data when it is cut or unlocked.

Finally, to sell the wearable devices in a mass market, they should be affordable for everyone.

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