Samsung, Qualcomm Smart Watches Take Wearable Tech to Exciting Track

September 7, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Could smart watches play the role of smart phones at the present time? An important question, indeed!

As the debate gets raging, Samsung has readied itself for a race in the field of wearable technology with the introduction of its first smart watch. In the meantime, Qualcomm too has revealed their smart watch.

Coincidentally, the two announcements  happened almost around the same time.

Everyone now knows that the smart phone scenario is nearing a saturation point. It is clear Samsung is trying something new with the new unveil.


The Galaxy Gear smart watch is really the point of attention of many now. The much anticipated smart watch from the company comes with a handful of interesting features.

The Samsung gear is in fact looking to overtake Apple’s rumored iWatch by releasing it earlier than the rival’s gadget.

The Galaxy Gear comes with a 1.63 inch super AMOLED of 320 x  320 resolution and is powered by a single core 800 MHz processor. That in fact sounds good, since the technology is in its early phase.

The device features a 1.9 MP camera and a speaker and two microphones. It provides Bluetooth connectivity too.

The 4GB built in storage can be used to store photos, videos and music. The company claims that the 315 mAh battery provides a life of 25 hours.

The Galaxy Gear smart watch will be available for $299 in the US. The world wide launch of the device is scheduled for September 25 in over 149 countries.

The smart watch can be used to make calls and is compatible with more than 70 apps. It sports the option of six wrist band colors giving the buyer the opportunity to select his favorite color.

On the other hand, Qualcomm, who had been an integral part of many smart phones, is also set for the wearable gear race. The Qualcomm smart watch now revealed could well propel the chip maker to greater heights. May be!


Qualcomm is popular with its chipsets that power many smart phones. But the company hasn’t had an own device as yet. The lookout for an independent identity could be what has propelled the chip manufacturer to take the dip in wearable technology waters.

Called the Toq smart watch, the device also has a lot of amazing stuff to catch the attention of the user. Qualcomm’s Mirasol display, which consumes very little power, is one.

You will also be able to charge the Toq battery by just wirelessly dropping it to a recharging pad. The company claims that the device has a battery life of around five days. The battery is placed in the strap, thereby reducing its size considerably.

Qualcomm has allowed third party developers to build applications for the product. The price of Toq will be around $350, and will be available in the market during the final quarter of this year.

The smart watch from Qualcomm will be a good competitor for Samsung  and may be Apple too. What do you feel?

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