Harley Davidson Lends an Ear to Riders; Ushers in Tech Support

September 5, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Harley Davidson, the motorcycle giant, is now listening to customers’ voices so as to improve and include new technology in its models.

The newest models from Harley Davidson come with new technologies like voice activated touch screen GPS system and more. The activated touch screen GPS feature is in fact a first in the motorcycle terrain.

The new touch screen GPS system may be seen as very useful for the rider, mainly on longer jaunts. This system works in such a way that it finds out the nearest fuel filling station when the motorcycle encounters low fuel levels and the system will navigate the rider to the exact location of the filling station.


The directions get displayed on a 6.5-inch screen, which can be controlled via voice commands, touch or joystick. The voice command facility enables the user to control the navigation even without touching the screen.

The 110-year-old company is, for sure, focusing on customers than ever before and is now using customer focus groups and dealer clinics to make the vehicles more customer-friendly.

The first set of motorcycles from the company with new technology features rolled out into the market last week. The American manufacturer was established in the first decade of 20th century, and has already garnered great reputation.

The company, which is currently the pioneers in heavy weight motor cycles of over 700cc category, is available almost all across the world

Going by what Sharon Zackfia, an analyst at William Blair and Co in Chicago, says, the recession had really hit the company in the 21st century. But them the CEO of the company, Keith Wandell, helped it adopt good changes and thus helped it improve and survive shaky terrain.

The revenue of the company rose 17 percent from 2009 to last year, which is real good news. Harley Davidson is now recovering from the drop in revenue due to the global recession from 2006 to 2009.

A few days ago, some high level officials of the company met in a conference room to discuss about the strength and weaknesses of the upcoming bikes. Reports are that the highly confidential meeting may have discussed about the new technology as well.

The company is expecting about 40 percent of sales from international market by the next year. At present, it has more than fifty percent of its dealerships outside the US. They are now focusing to broaden their customers all over the world.

With new technologies  hopping on to the Harley motorcycles, it looks like riding is going to be fun more than ever before. What do you think?

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