In a World of Kings, Google Looks to be Emperor with the Smart Watch

September 4, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Rumors against the upcoming smart watch from the tech giant Google have been doing the rounds in the tech news space. In fact, the grapevine buzz has been floating in this space for over a year now.

It is in this scenario that the company officially confirmed its forthcoming smart watch  last week, and may be seen as looking to introducing something new to compete in the market with rivals of the likes of Apple and Samsung.

It is common knowledge that Apple and Samsung have already lined up their new smart watches for roll out.


Google in the meanwhile had been in the works with such a device for the past few years. What may not augur well for them is that the products that have already come from its workshops haven’t proved to be good competitors as far as Samsung and Apple devices are concerned.

It may be recalled that the notebooks, smartphones and tablets haven’t attracted many buyers, as they were found to be lacking something that would catch everyone’s attention.

Though Google is behind the Android operating system that powers Samsung products, the products from Google have never become a threat for Samsung. The company hasn’t also risen to a level where it can beat Apple too .

It is here Google’s smart watch project needs to be seen with added importance. The company is in fact looking to strengthen its presence and name as a good opponent for the monarchs in gadgets business.

The company even explained a project named ‘project loon’ recently, which claimed to provide stable internet connection all over the world. The project, which is in the testing phase now, doesn’t have any influence over their hardware market.

Another product that had come our way was the Chromecast, which was dubbed the easiest way to watch online video and music in your new generation television sets. The device which can be controlled via your smart phone has the size of a small USB drive only. Chromecast is available for $35 in the market. This device is gathering popularity very slowly.

The latest confirmation on the smart watch from Google is officially available before us. Google had recently purchased WIMM labs and this is set to take things forward. The news about the purchase was hidden until details came out in the open only last week.  Also, a few days ago, Samsung had confirmed that it will introduce a new smart watch.


At present, the field of wearable technology is gaining in prominence and this may have led the search giant think that it too would want something to cheer about.

The company’s hardware manufacturing capabilities are now in its full swing, with the release of products like Nexus tablets from their manufacturing units. It is now looking leap into some more products to catch up the gaining popularity of wearable technology at the earliest.

The company is also looking to introduce some more wearable devices into the market soon. Let us wait and see how much the new smart watch can help Google to move closer to their goal of becoming one of the best hardware manufacturers in the world.

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