Planning an Adventure Trip? Carry These Green Gadgets Along

August 31, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you think it’s high time you planned a vacation with your family or friends, this is the time. An outdoor adventure would be what we would recommend.

How about going on an adventure trip accompanied by green gadgets? If you haven’t given it a thought as yet, permit us to list down a few amazing green gadgets you would love carrying along.

From LED flashlights and water filters to solar powered tablets and back packs, we have a pretty long list you would want to take along as you go on an adventure jaunt. Take a look.


The first gadget that comes to mind is the Light Fusion LED 3-in-1 Flashlight, a multi-purpose three-in-one camp light from the Energizer stables. An extremely eco-friendly device, this one can help you for many a purpose.

You can use this product as a torch light for finding something or finding your way when you are walking through the woods in the night. The light will deliver 100 lumens brightness when you use this as a flashlight.

For some tasks like reading a book inside the tent or cooking food, you can use it as a bright 150 lumens lamp. The product is enough for illuminating the interior of your tent.

Meanwhile, the Oko Water Filtering Bottle uses the technology used in the NASA space station for filtering and removes up to 99.997 percent of contaminants.

The ‘electro absorptive’ filter used in the product removes all harmful agents present in water. You might agree that the main challenge during adventure trips is finding a way to cook food.

The compact BioLite Energy Generating Campstove would come as a big relief to those who want to cook their food after a tiring journey. The fuel used in the stove is easily combustible small sticks, which is easy to get.

The main advantage of the stove is that the waste heat from cooking fire can be effectively converted into electricity by the thermoelectric element in the stove. This electricity can be used to charge your smart phone too.


The Voltaic OffGrid Solar Backpack is another helpful product. This solar backpack generates energy while on the go. The product generates up to four watts of power. You can charge your mobile phone by using the energy generated by backpack in five hours.

The next we have is the Light Fusion LED Pop Up Lantern, a water resistant lantern from Energizer. The 150 lumen lantern provides light in an omni-directional way, and you can dim the light output also as you like.

The Earl Solar-Powered Backcountry Survival Tablet helps you find your way through the journey. It is a fact that you cannot carry bulk sets of confusing maps with you, and this world’s first solar powered back country survival tablet helps you with that.

You will be able to store maps and guide books in this product. It can also be used as a GPS tracker and a radio. The photo voltaic cells give 20 hours of life once you expose it to sunlight for five hours.


The Energizer LED Light Fusion Folding Lantern is another product we would like to carry along. This lamp gives you a super bright display of 300 lumens and is super portable as well as powerful.

So which among these would you want to take along while you go on an adventure trip next time?

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