Broadcom to Play a Greater Role in Wearable Technology Scenario

August 30, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Wearable technology has advanced and traveled far ever since the advent of the first ever machine in this genre – the calculator watch. The segment is galloping ahead like never before, and it is interesting to see the growth graph, for sure.

Like many others, Broadcom CEO Scott McGregor too believes that the wearable tech market is set for a big growth in the near future.
And, as if seeing a stronger market for the technology, Broadcom too has brought to the fore its new low-cost, low power wireless internet connectivity for embedded devices (WICED). The new technology is a hardware platform for connected mobile devices.

The company is not looking to just manufacture wearable hardware like Google Glass  or other devices of that kind. Broadcom is talking about something in a higher level.


The company is looking to bring about a sea change in the wearable technology scenario with its new invention.

The Broadcom boss expects huge growth in the field of a wide range of wearable connected devices. He expects growth of about ten fold than the present situation in the wearable technology scenario. He has been quoted as saying that there are many companies manufacturing wearable devices.

The new wireless platform built by the company offers cheap connectivity for wearables. The new technology platform from the company will provide Wi  Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and more via a single chip.

Pointing out that notable innovations in the smartphone industry have been slowing down, Mc Gregor feels the new technology will go behind wearable items and many new innovations in the field of wearable technology in the near future. The company wants to be the part of the development coming in near future, by partnering companies of all sizes in this scenario.

The company is planning to capture the emerging market According to him, the company will provide connectivity options for wearable technology for less than one dollar in the near future. Experts predict that about 15 million wearable devices will be sold this year.

In such a scenario, we need to expect the Broadcom innovation to take the segment a long way ahead. What do you feel?

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