Google Glass Might be Coming to Best Buy Stores

August 29, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you are someone looking to buy Google Glass, you have got good news. We hear that Google is going to rent in-store space at Best Buy soon.

It has been reported that Google is currently negotiating with Best Buy and looking to promote and sell the Glass device through Best Buy. Google is said to be renting a huge 6,000 square feet space from Best Buy.

Based on reports, the average size of a Best Buy is 45,000 square feet, while Google renting about 6,000 from it.


Although Best Buy has not commented or confirmed the report, the retailer has not ever denied it. According to Jon Sandler, a spokesman at Best Buy, they do not have plans to announce partnership deals. However, as a retailer they would like to consider more business opportunities.

As we know, Google Glass is not an ordinary device, as it brings a new experience for its customers. Therefore, trying out the Glass device could be very special.

But unfortunately, you can’t buy the Glass device from Best Buy or Google Play in this year. A recent report has also revealed that Glass device wouldn’t hit the market until 2014.

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