EXCLUSIVE: Volvo Concept Coupe Officially Unveiled In Sweden

August 28, 2013, By Alex Ion

Volvo has just pulled the covers off of the Volvo Concept Coupe in the headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. The first of an exclusive series of three concept cars coming from the Swedish automobile giants, the new Volvo Concept Coupe lives up to its grand billing.

DeviceMag was there at the special unveiling of this latest premium set of wheels from Volvo and here is an exclusive look at the stylish and futuristic Concept Coupe. One of the first things you will notice almost instantly is the new powerful look that Volvo has opted for. Putting it alongside some of the more fancy luxury car makers in Europe, the Concept Coupe reveals the direction in which the company is headed.

Exclusive styling, fluid design, an aerodynamic exterior and an affluent interior mark the Concept Coupe. Carrying with it the subtle hints of the iconic 60s Volvo the P1800, the dynamic design of Concept Coupe will define the new XC90 that Volvo will lineup sometime in 2014.

Volvo Coupe Concept - exclusive devicemag

Volvo Concept Coupe -exclusive devicemag

Inspired by Scandinavian Minimalism

It is interesting to note the emphasis that Volvo has placed on going Scandinavian way at the launch event of the Concept Coupe. The car maker firmly emphasized the fact that Volvo is “only remaining automotive brand in Sweden” and hence they needed to embrace this unique heritage. Clean and elegant design lines, efficient simplicity and uncomplicated ergonomics form the core of this new design principle. The Concept Coupe reflects all of this and whole lot more. Its initial glimpse presents a picture of confidence and panache.



An Exterior that Steals the Show

The low bonnet and roof, five-spoke 21-inch wheels and the attractive T-shaped DRL lights shape the exterior. A very distinctive iron mark on the floating grille is apparently a feature that Volvo intends to carry forward with the successors of the Concept Coupe. The aerodynamic design seems more futuristic than Scandinavian from a distance. And that is something that could very well work in the favor of the Coupe.




Sparkling and Tech-Savvy Interior

Volvo has decided to build its own unique brand image and it is clear that the company wishes to embrace the aura of a premium luxury vehicle. Brand loyalty and premium desirability seem the key factors that went into the design of the Concept Coupe. The ravishing interiors of the car reflect this philosophy to the core. The seating reminds us of Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chairs, while a large portrait touch-screen takes forward the company’s’ human-centric design’. The interactive display is integrated effortlessly and is definitely not a distraction while driving.




The beautiful dashboard, leather instrument panel, inlays made out of naturally aged wood and the dark-blue woven carpets keep up with the Scandinavian philosophy. But the glaring handcrafted crystal gear lever, the ‘diamond touches’ and the extra chrome, all seem a bit out of place. Of course not if you love some sparkling bling, in that case, you are going to fall in love with these details, as well!

Powerful Petrol Plug-In Hybrid

Not only is the dashing makeover on the outside appealing, but so is it under the hood. The new two-liter high-performance Drive-E petrol engine with a supercharger and turbo is the best in its class on the planet. Comfortably delivering 400 hp and over 600 Nm of torque, the hybrid sports an electric motor on the rear axle. Volvo claims that the new engine takes the power output to what it likes to call ‘V8 territory’. To test that out, we have to wait till this baby hits the open roads. Highly fuel efficient and cutting down on emissions considerably, it appeals to an eco-conscious consumer market as well.

Safety Coupled with Reliable Functionality


Volvo’s unique human-centric approach is another key selling point of the Concept Coupe. Apart from just the enhanced safety features, the car combines comfort and aesthetics with ease. Distinctive and at times, surprising little details greeted us as we continued to explore the interiors. The rear might need a bit of a facelift in the future models, but the rest of the Concept Coupe looks simply stunning.

Efficiency, precision, power and premium opulence is what the car guarantees. And Volvo seems intent on making this the theme of their future vehicles as well. If the Concept Coupe is a preview of greater things from Volvo, we are all for it. As far this bad boy goes, it really is a car ‘designed around you’.

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