Displays Get Even Bigger: LG Lines Up IPS Display with 2560×1440 Resolution

August 28, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Which mobile handset, according t you, offers you the best display? Is it the HTC One? Or, do you think Apple’s iPhone beats HTC at that?

You all know that HTC’s gorgeous One comes with an excellent 468 pixels per inch (PPI) resolution, whereas iPhone’s display boasts 326 PPI.

But then, it seems like we need to overlook Apple, Samsung and HTC devices for the moment even if they do sport excellent displays. For, we now have something that could beat them all.


No, we aren’t kidding here. Whatever high you think of HTC or Apple could be reduced to something run of the mill when this one we have found actually comes out in the open.

What we are talking about here concerns none other than LG.

We hear LG Display has developed a super high resolution smartphone screen with a resolution of 2560×1440 and 538 PPI! Amazed, aren’t you?

The Quad HD IPS panel measures 5.5-inches, and that would make it equal to a normal smartphone or tablet device available in the market.

However, a 2560×1440 of pixel resolution is something we wouldn’t be able to see on any of our mobile phones, right?  What LG Display has developed is reportedly four times the pixel size found on a 720p display.

It is said that the human-perceptible limit at a 12-inch distance is almost 300 PPI, which means that the human eye has a limit to the amount of details it can see.

And here, 538 PPI is something that could be too much for your eyes. It could be also possible that this whopping PPI would cause eye strain too.

LG also claims that this new IPS panel would be the world’s slimmest and narrowest, as it measures just 1.21 mm thickness along with a 1.2mm bezel. According to LG, this display will make pictures and high definition video much more beautiful.

Also, it would accurately reproduce colors and help view web pages on full screen. Don’t you think LG Display has something astonishing in the pipeline? What is your take on this? Please scribble down your thoughts in the comments box provided below. For, we sure would like to hear from you on this.

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