Lenovo Ushers in Missing Start Menu on Windows 8 PCs

August 27, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Most of the Windows 8 users have been complaining about the lack of a start menu in the latest OS from Microsoft.

The absence of the classic start menu, in fact, makes the new operating system a hard thing to grasp for most of the users. The ‘dead’ start menu is the one of the key factors, which has made Windows 8 the most disliked OS.

Realizing the fact that the Windows users are on he hunt for a classic start menu, some developers have now started releasing apps that recreates the start menu’s functionality.


These apps are available on web and most of them are free, too.

But the question remains whether this development satisfies the users? The answer could be no.

PC manufacturers are also making the start menu replacement more visible to users. The latest such kind of move has been revealed via an official announcement made by Sweetlabs, a company that has now made an app for start menu replacement.

The company has said that it has entered into a deal with Lenovo to preload ‘Sweetlab poki software’ on new Lenovo PCs shipping worldwide.

As Lenovo is the largest sellers of PCs worldwide, the move could be seen as a big one. However, this piece of news could come as a shocker to Microsoft, as Lenovo is looking for an alternative interface for the machines loaded with Windows 8. That could mean the manufacturer is not satisfied with the operating system.

The start menu from Sweetlabs, ‘Poki’ looks familiar for the users, since it provides access to the control panel, computer and power options.

But when you are installing new stuff, it could be irritating too. The new software may make the computer slow down, because of the excessive disk space and memory it would utilize.

But many users may appreciate the app for sure, since it could provide familiarity with earlier versions of Windows OSes.

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