Lost Your Android Phone? Try These steps to Secure Your Devices

August 24, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

No one among you could afford losing your mobile phone, be it an Android or Apple device. With the introduction of smart apps and features, a cell phone is not just a device for making phone calls anymore.

It also acts as a wallet, a diary, a photo album, a gaming machine and even as your bank account. That means, a little bit of everything we are doing in our life is combined to this web connected device.

But what will you do, if your handset goes missing ? Clearly, anyone who gets hold of your phone may get access to everything on your phone. Not worry, though. For, there are a few simple steps you can try out when your Android handset goes missing.


Let’s assume that you lost your Android phone and haven’t secured the device with a pass code or Google’s anti-theft tool Android Device Manager.

Fortunately, Google allows you to run Android Device Manager, even if you have not accessed or configured the Android Device Manager before. But then, no one can guarantee the same operation, as the results may vary.

The Android Device Manager is accessed through Google’s web portal. If you don’t see the device on the large map, hit the Locate This Device button on the white inset window.

If you are able to locate the mobile phone, you can use the Ring option in the Android Device Manager to draw attention to the lost phone.

Well, we can’t recommend you to track the device by yourself, rather try to inform the police and they will do the rest.

You can also deactivate the phone with the help of network providers, so that you can prevent the thief from inserting a new SIM card and resetting the device.

But, once you deactivate service, it also prevents you from connecting with your mobile phone through the Android Device Manager.

You can also prevent the thief from getting access to your personal information on your handset. Try to connect with the Web presence for every app and service on your phone and look for options to logout devices, de-register the mobile phone or revoke tokens. This will prevent anyone from simply entering an app or a website and using your login information.

If you are unable to figure out any option to prevent mobile logins, just reset your passwords using a password manager.


Also, make sure you file a police report, along with a unique identifier for your device, like its phone number or the serial number. You can also help the police by giving them the tracking information from the Android Device Manager.

Also, never forget to inform your friends and family members about missing your mobile device. You can do it through social media.

Meanwhile, you can get a number of powerful third party security apps for Android devices that support anti-theft capabilities and features such as locate, remote alarm, and remote wipe.

Above all, always remember to set a passcode for your mobile phone – with this you can keep a thief out of your device’s setting.

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