Apple Tech to Let Users to Check Status of Another iPhone User

August 24, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple might have found a method that makes it easier for its users to connect with other iPhone customers. The Cupertino based company has envisioned a technology that allows iPhone users to see whether the other iPhone user is free to talk or not.

The US Patent and Trademark Office has published a patent called “Methods to determine availability of user based on mobile phone status”, which explains the technology. According to this, the new process will allow the user to check the availability of the other iPhone user.


Normally, a mobile phone user who is receiving a call can either accept the call or reject it.  In such cases, the caller would remain unsure over whether their call will be accepted or not. With the introduction of this new method, Apple is looking to end this uncertainty about a phone call.

An iPhone would report its status and call preferences such as location, battery life, signal strength, and mode (Normal, Airplane or vibration) to Apple’s servers. When another iPhone user tries to call that person, he can see the status of the callee’s phone on his display screen. This will help the caller to know the current status of the callee and thus decide whether to complete the call or not.

Apple is claiming that this new feature will be entirely different from caller ID  and this technology will automatically display the phone’s operational status.

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