Google Glass Set to Walk into Cop Terrain

August 21, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Public skepticism about Google Glass is gradually fading, as the device seeming to have lot more potential beyond just checking emails and taking phone calls.

On the other hand, Google is trying hard to change the way people think  about their eye-wear device by introducing more applications to the device.

To add extra charm to the Glass, Mutualink, a Connecticut-based company will demonstrate how the real-time two-way video and audio from Google Glass can be used in public safety communication for law enforcement and emergency personnel in an upcoming event.


As per reports, at the 2013 Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) conference, starting this Wednesday at Anaheim, Calif, Mutualink will demonstrate the futuristic applications in Glass device that will be helpful for police, firefighters and first responders.

In collaboration with Google, Mutualink will introduce a new technology that interfaces with FirstNet 4G LTE wireless broadband connections.

Though this Congressionally mandated first responder network is still in the works, once introduced, this technology would allow police and other officials with radio systems or communications devices to communicate during an emergency situation.

Along with Google Glass, Mutualink also enable multimedia file sharing between public safety personnel in an emergency situation, so that they can receive and view documents, images schematics in real time.

Officers can also get medical records of victims and the live feeds of security cameras in the areas. Thus public safety officers and other officials can communicate in real-time via streaming video from the scene.

Moreover, the information will be only shared via Mutualink technology when the agency controlling the media resource receives a request to share their information.

According to Joe Mazzarella, senior vice president of Mutualink, the new possibilities of Glass can save lives of people in many crisis response situations. He also said his company is currently working with Google to introduce a cutting edge technology, which has a social benefit.


In a recent statement, Michael Wengrovitz, VP of innovation at Mutualink, said that they aim to introduce a technology that enables anywhere, anytime communications and information sharing by using a hands-free device, so that it can avoid technical incompatibilities between different systems.

According to Joe Mazzarella, SVP and chief legal counsel of Mutualink, the police and firefighters will be using the Google Glass in the near future, probably from the next year. If it would be successful, in future Glass device will help firefighters to review building plans before entering a burning building, and will also help officials to track the medical records of patients at accident scenes.

A recent report also suggests that Mutualink will be providing this technology to its partners in Brazil who were preparing for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics.

Well, sounds great, doesn’t it?  We also would like to see Glass as a more potential device and would want to appreciate Google’s attempts to overcome the challenges and criticism it received for this personalized wearable device in a better way.

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