Apple iPhone 5S Wrapped in Gold? Pictures Reveal Sparkling Device

August 20, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Even as Apple gets ready to lift the wraps off its next gen iPhone on September 10, we have been stumbling upon rumors that talk lots about the new impending arrival. In the midst of all these, a flurry of photos, allegedly of the next iPhone, has shown up for public consumption.

This, but, isn’t your regular mock up and stuff like that. The difference is that the device comes wrapped in gold.

The gold hued iPhone 5S in the pictures, if they are true, could be a first for Apple. For, the Cupertino based company has hitherto offered only white and black shade devices since the second-generation 3G version.


What we see in the pictures is a gold colored iPhone rear casing where the components are placed and constitute the back and sides of the device. Close up snaps of what could be a new proximity sensor for the 5S, the component which turns off the screen when a phone is closer to the face while making a call and such are shown.

Going by what Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst had some time ago hinted, Apple was working on a champagne colored iPhone. Now that the gold casing too coming into the picture, chances are that the much awaited Apple device is getting some extravaganza features added too.


A closer look at the photos posted by French site Macboutic would also reveal that they have been edited tactfully so that the Apple logo and iPhone moniker at the rear aren’t visible.

That brings up some amount of clarification as to this one need not be Apple’s own. We have earlier seen some companies offering aftermarket gold treatments, even in real gold.

It may be recalled that Goldstriker had announced a 24 carat gold plated iPhone for a price of $4,520, just four months after the actual device was unveiled.

Let’s wait to see if the iPhone 5S would actually come dressed in gold.

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