US3 Drive Performs Three Functions, Lives Up to My Expectations and Then Some

August 17, 2013, By Daniel Rapcencu

When I first saw the US3 Drive, I knew it was either going to be a big disappointment or a lifesaver. I am proud to say it is a lifesaver. This 3-in-one device now has a permanent place in my pocket, and woe to anyone who tries to liberate it from my possession.  I was lucky enough to obtain a prototype to try out this new product currently being funded on Kickstarter.

It’s a Stylus

I suffer from FFS (Fat Finger Syndrome). Yes, the touchscreen keyboard on my Galaxy S3 gets finicky at times and often substitutes letters other than what I am typing. This can lead to sloppy emails and texts and sometimes a rather embarrassing faux pas now and then. I ignored the two other functions of the US3 Drive and concentrated on the stylus function of this device.

US3 Drive stylus

The stylus tip has a tiny hollow flexible tip reminiscent of those rubber balls of my youth. I spent an entire day glued to my smartphone to handle all of my emails and chat sessions.  Tapping the stylus of the US3 Drive on the touchscreen keyboard solved the problem I had with the fat fingers; the proper characters were entered flawlessly.

Using the Swipe method on the keyboard worked well. The US3 stylus slid across the touchscreen smoothly and without sticking. Even when I used more pressure than needed, it glided just fine. The stylus was surprisingly accurate when I went back to edit and select text and was a lot easier to do when compared to my fat digits. Selecting names in Facebook, Pinterest and other social apps also was surprisingly accurate.

US3 Drive LanyardIt also comes with a detachable lanyard if you like.

A Kickstand for Your Smartphone

After a day of using and abusing the stylus, I am ready to relax. Kicking back, I decided to watch some movies on my S3.  Before Getting the US3 Drive, I had to prop up the smartphone against a book or other object for a comfortable angle and usually wound up watching it flat on the table as the Galaxy S3 does not have a kickstand.  The viewing angle was perfect and I enjoyed a movie and a couple of TV shows.

US3 Drive Kickstand

A Thumb Drive Too

After this well-earned respite, I tried out the USB drive. It worked flawlessly with my laptop. I didn’t stop there and used it on every USB computer port I could find. I even bothered a neighbor and shared a short video on his Mac; I use a Wintel laptop.

US3 Drive - USB-fh

Since I usually carry around a couple of USB drives when I am on the move, the US3 Dive has a permanent spot in my jeans coin pocket.


The US3 drive info says it is waterproof and they show a picture of someone holding it under a stream of water from a faucet. By my definition, that running water test shows it is water resistant, not waterproof.

Yes, I did what you think I was going to do. I know the advertisement doesn’t show it in a washing machine, but the temptation was too great.  A video mentions the washer, so I selected the hottest and longest wash my machine could provide. Kids, don’t try this at home!

US3 Drive Waterproof

I put the US3 in my jeans coin pocket and made sure to take out my wallet before throwing the jeans and some other clothes in the washing machine. The jeans were in the bottom and I set the load for large, added a cup of soap and started washing.  After the wash, rinse and final spin cycle was completed I pulled the US3 Drive from the coin pocket.

I opened it up and blew out a few drops of water in the USB connector.  Not wanting to take any chances of getting moisture in my new laptop USB ports, I used a USB extension cable and plugged it in.

The video I copied to the drive played perfectly and I copied a copious number of files to and from the device. The rubber stylus tip was no worse for the wear and functioned just as well as before the wash, skating across the touchscreen and tapping the keyboard without a glitch. The US3 Drive survived the Fred Washing Machine Torture Test with flying colors.


If you sign up and pledge on Kickstarter, you can expect to get your US3 Drive around November.  Several different size storage options are available depending on the amount you pledge; 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB are the sizes.  You also have a choice in colors: violet, blue, pink, white, yellow and black. I personally like the white.

US3 Drive Colors

The US3 Drive certainly lives up to its promises and then some.  I give it a big thumbs up!

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