Garmin HUD Could be a Driver’s Best Buddy

August 17, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you haven’t seen this as yet, you need to now. The new Garmin Head up Display which costs $149.99, is really a good companion for the drivers.

The main advantage of the product is its ability to project the GPS display to the windshield of the vehicle, enabling the driver to see the information without looking away from his usual viewpoint.

Thus it comes about as a boon to drivers who use GPS for finding route maps for their travel. The system ensures less distraction, since it projects the information into the windshield. The display, which is projected into the line of sight of the driver, is largely automatic.


Reviews have given negative marks too for the product, because, only one reflective film is included in the box. Another drawback with the system is that the installation is easy to get spoiled. The head up display requires an additional $50 app to function.

The new technology will surely help drivers to concentrate on the road and thus ensure safety. But the cost of the product may let the user think about going for some other product.

The dashboard unit of the device measures 4.25x 3.46 inches and is 0.73 inch deep. You can see an LED display on the top which will show all the text reversed, like on a mirror.

There is a 12 v power adapter on the edge of the device. A small black button activates and deactivates the device. There is a facility for charging your smart phone while you navigate, using a 2.1A-powered USB port.

The device can be rotated to a few degrees in both directions to help with positioning. There are two options for the user for viewing the HUD’s display. The first option is a transparent reflective film that is installed on the windshield of your car, whose installation is similar to installing a screen guard for your mobile phone.

GarminHUD 1

The drawback with this system is that the removal of the once installed film will damage the film and make it unusable again. The installation is tricky also.

The second option suits for temporary setups. This uses a rigid plastic lens that clips onto the HUD and reflect the light of the LED display. This is much easier to set up and remove. This is good for drivers who shift HUD’s from one car to another he drive.

The device doesn’t have built in software. IT lacks a GPS receiver also. So, additional software would be required to make the device work without hassles.

Would you want to go for it? You may look for it here.

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