Turn Any Surface into a Touchscreen

August 16, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

How much will it be helpful for a teacher if she is able to take classes using a touchscreen mounted on the wall? Won’t it be helpful for a company official to explain a new product with such a device? Or think of playing a new video game in a big touch screen in your living room. Don’t these sound amazing?

Microsoft makes it possible for you to do such things. You can turn a wall into a touch screen computer using its new technology.

The technology developed by the start up ‘Ubi’ with a Microsoft Kinect for Windows sensor, feels like magic. The prototype, which looks interesting, is now out of beta mode.

Touch screen

The company announced the product on Tuesday confirming that Ubi has developed the new software for the technology and is now accepting orders for purchase.

The technology will work in such a way that you can connect any project and Kinect to your Windows 8 PC. By starting the newly developed software, Ubi will automatically calibrate the environment, making the displayed portion a touch screen.

Ubi co founder and CEO, Anup Chathoth has been quoted as saying that they are looking at human collaboration and information to be just one finger touch away. He continued saying that by making it able turn any surface to a touch screen, they are eliminating the need of screen hardware and thereby reducing the cost as well as making the displays more interactive than ever.

The software can be purchased from Ubi website. It comes in four different packages ranging from $149 to $1499.

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