Google Now Voice Recognition Tools Hop On to Google Search

August 16, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Do you need to quickly find your restaurant where you reserved a seat while on the way?  Or, do you want to get your favorite song downloaded while you are driving the car? Don’t think these all are impossible.

Google is now making it possible with its new voice-powered search. The company has been spending a lot of effort to develop voice recognition tools for this purpose.

Now finally, the hard work of their technical research team has derived top class results. The company has announced that the voice recognition tools in Google Now will be added to Google search.


The search giant is making users enthusiastic with the ‘typing free’ search it is offering. With the new tool, to find something in the web, just say it aloud even while you are doing another task, instead of typing what you are looking for.

Earlier, the voice recognition service was available only on Google Now, the intelligent personal assistant developed by the company for smart phones. Google Now is available in Android Jelly Bean OS driven devices.

The categories you can search using the new technology developed by the company include scheduled flight information, photos from Google+, restaurant reservations, from Google Calendar and Gmail.

The new voice recognition based search will work in almost all Google apps, including the Chrome browser in desktops and phones as well as in Android and iOS.

The service would be available to all users from the end of next week The company is ensuring security of its users by limiting the information available by the voice search by Gmail account, making sure that a person will not be able to search another user’s Gmail account.

The new search feature is available at present for the English speaking users of the search engine on desktop, tablet and smartphone. The service will be available the moment you signing in to Google. If the user doesn’t need it, there is option for turn it off too.

Roy Livne, a product manager for the company wrote in a blog post about the new feature that the company is looking for helping the users to find information such as flight numbers, hotel and restaurant reservations, status of online orders and day schedules using the new service.

He added that if the user does not want the service, he can turn it off just by clicking the globe icon at the top of the search result page.

So, tell us if you are left wonderstruck by Google’s latest innovation.

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