Battery Life Issues? Try These and Smile

August 15, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s really frustrating to have your smartphone switched off due to empty battery, even after a few hours of fully charging it. Phones are increasingly getting bigger, and come housing powerful processors and high speed internet options. And so, the battery of the smartphones is also getting emptied faster.

When you are ready to be cautious about something, it’s not a big task to improve battery life. Here are some tips that could help you get more juice out of your battery .

The first thing you have to take care of is the brightness of your screen. A super bright display will drain your battery really quick.

battey life

So turn down the brightness level a little lower. Or you may set it to automatic mode, so that your phone can itself adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient light conditions.

Another important aspect that affects battery life is the temperature. Higher temperatures will dramatically reduce the battery capacity. So it’s better to keep your smartphone away from sunlight.

Overcharging the battery is not a problem for Li-on batteries, but still its better to off-charge your phone whenever possible rather than letting the battery go all the way down to zero.

You also need to turn off the facilities like Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi if you are not using such features. These connectivity options will consume your battery juice a lot. As phones tend to search for a network, whether the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi options are on, it could drain the battery too.

If you set your email update schedule in the phone to manual mode, it will help to improve your battery life. When the email update option is set to automatic, the phone will give an alert tone when every email comes, which can drain the battery.

Another important aspect that many of us are less aware of is about software and application updates. Many people don’t know the fact that updated versions of software and applications use only less energy than their former versions. So give your attention to periodical software updates.

The background apps running in your phone will also ruin the life of your battery. So close the unwanted apps like Google Maps if they are running in background. When the signal level in your smartphone is very poor, the handset consumes a lot of energy to catch the network. So keep away from such regions, or switch to airplane mode when you are in a weak signal area.

Many applications are now available in the market that helps in power management. Get one for your phone too. It will help your battery like a food supplement works for a human being.

Finally, get a battery case  for you smartphone. Nowadays battery cases are available for every smartphones, and they will double your phone’s battery life.

Tell us if you have found that things have changed for the better after these tricks are put into play.

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