Look forward to Apple’s September Event; A Cheaper iPhone 5 Likely to Show Up

August 12, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The long wait is soon getting over for Apple’s customers as the Cupertino based company is reportedly planning a big iPhone event for September 10.  We hear, Apple is readying for its new iPhone launch at this event.

However, a few reports suggest that it would not be the widely expected iPhone 5S, but instead a low priced iPhone 5  .

As for Apple, the company has not launched any new device till this day in 2013, except its new iOS 7 platform.  Therefore, the company badly needs a major release as soon as possible to retain its hold on the mobile market.


Obviously, the pressure is high and Apple is trying hard to introduce more innovative ideas and products to the market.

From what have been rumored, Apple’s next iPhone 5S is expected to have much improved camera and better processor parts, along with a new fingerprint sensor feature to add additional security.  Although this expected device is rumored to have all these improves specs, experts in the mobile industry believe that the iPhone 5S won’t come in the near future.

According to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, the possibilities for a new iPhone are low. Like many others Misek also think that the high-end smartphone market is shrinking and the growth is shifting towards the low-end emerging markets like China and India. But the iPhone 5S will be a high-end smartphone, almost similar to the ongoing iPhone 5.

Therefore, it could be possible that the existing iPhone users may wait for the iPhone 6 launch until next year.

Although Apple has an array of products, iPhone remains to be the company’s major source of income. In the US market, Apple still holds a major smartphone market share, but in the other markets, the company is struggling to continue its success. The variety of choices and price options lure many iPhone customers to turn to smartphones with Android OS.

With each of its new iPhone product, Apple needs a sizable number of users to upgrade to the new device. But the new trend on the mobile market shows that customers are not willing to switch to a new smartphone as soon as it arrives in the market. Moreover, many customers prefer to buy the older versions of iPhone as they come with heavy discounts.

Considering all these aspects, many analysts have been suggesting a cheaper iPhone launch at the September 10 event. If it is true, then the new iPhone 5 will have the redesigned iOS 7 operating system.

According to Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s chief financial officer, the company will have a busy fall. Apple is expected to release its new Mavericks operating system and a new beta iCloud version of Apple’s iWorks products in this fall.

The company is also reportedly working on the new iPad versions that are expected to launch by the end of this October. Rumors also suggest that apart from all these high end products the Cupertino company is working on a whole new product list, which includes the iWatch and the Apple TV.

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