Amazon Android Gaming Console Arriving this Year

August 12, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After Microsoft and Sony announced their new gaming consoles this year, Amazon seems to be making a move to release their new Android console.

A report by folks at Game Informer states that the console will be released later this year. The roll out date could possibly coincide with the Black Friday sales season. We hear that the product is currently in its development phase.

Rumors also claim that the existing Android games available in Amazon’s market place will be leveraged for the new console. The console will come with a dedicated controller of its own.


If the rumors are to be believed, the system will be a good competitor not only for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, but also for other Android based platforms such as Ouya and the like.

There is currently no hint regarding the cost of the Android gaming console from the Amazon stables, though. Technical and hardware specs about the device are also unavailable as of this moment.

An Amazon spokesperson has been quoted as saying that the company is aware of the fact that many of the Amazon users enjoy playing games and so a device that provides for a great gaming experience is sure to be a hit.

The Android gaming market is now in its infancy and so when Amazon is really looking to enter the battle field, it will be interesting to see how the consumers would be reacting to the new release.

If the company is releasing a device with major promise, the main challenge would be to overcome the stigma of being a system that works with only low quality games. If you have noticed, that is something what Ouya is already battling to overcome.

Let’s hope Amazon would take things forward in a better manner.

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