Sony HT ST 7 Speaker System Would Lure You with its Design and Performance

August 10, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you have been tracking Sony’s activities in the marketplace, you would have come across the new speaker system christened HT ST 7, launched in New York some time ago.

The high-end sound bar, which comes with an alluring from factor and amazing audio performance, will include a bunch of good features and will cost $1300. The company has claimed that the new release marks their entry into the premium sound bar category.

The system includes seven drivers and two tweeters, driven by seven discrete amplifiers giving it a total of 450 watts. The system is combined with a wireless 100 W subwoofer to handle low frequencies.


It also includes built-in Bluetooth and NFC, which would enable you to connect it to any modern smart phone via a wireless connection. It has seven inputs including three HDMI, three digital audio and one analogue input.

The drivers and amplifiers are housed in an aluminum chassis, giving the system an overall elegant look. The main drivers in the newly released system are similar to those found in Sony’s flagship 84 inch 4K TV. Both of them share the same magnetic fluid technology.


The HDMI connectors are new in such types of products, and this is an area where Sony’s new release is making news. Till now, no other expensive sound bars have come with HDMI connectors.

The system which includes on board decoders for both Dolby True HD and DTS HD master audio is worth the money you would pay.

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