Facebook Treads with Caution on Ad Terrain

August 10, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook seems to have thrown in a bit of caution when it comes to video ads. As you all know, the social networking major has been planning for months together to sink into the profitable markets for online video ads.

The company now plans to launch a video add service that will show video add service restricted to 15 seconds or less to reduce annoyance of their users due to these ads.

It is being said that CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his team have been working to make the ads less distracting for their users, because they are not ready to leave 1.1 billion users irritated.


The site is expecting a profit of over $2 million a day from the introduction of their video ads. It, for sure, would be a daunting task for the company to strike a balance between customer satisfaction and commercial opportunity.

According to a WSJ report, Facebook engineers are reportedly working to the fullest so as to solve the problems regarding this. We have already heard that the major concern for Zuckerberg was that the video ads should load quickly. His technicians are working harder to develop technology for fast delivery, according to reports.

The Facebook CEO is greatly involved and is keen on the development of video ads, approving changes at every turn and making his team motivated to repeatedly test with small groups, to understand the impact of ads on the users and the time they spend on the site.


We also hear that discussions are also on about whether the facility should provide users with the option of stopping videos from playing automatically needs to be thought about.

This could well be intended to please mobile phone users, who will be affected by video ads the most.

Video ads need to be seen as advantageous for the company as well as the investors.

The investors have the benefit of the global reach their ads would be getting, with more than one billion Facebook users seeing their ads.

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