Teddy Supertoy Will Talk to You like Humans Do

August 6, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

How about a teddy that talks like you? Kickstarter, the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects, is now funding for a new teddy bear which talks like humans.

The new supertoy is a talking teddy with a mind of its own and has the ability to have real conversations with whoever who speaks to him.

Unlike its predecessor, Teddy Ruxpin, which operates via an embedded cassette deck with a fixed number of prerecorded statements, this one is really amazing.


The new teddy is a dream for every lonely child. The teddy offers complex facial movements resembling human emotions and has totally autonomous speech generation capabilities.

The supertoy is controlled via a smartphone app, which can be downloaded to a mobile phone, and then the smartphone can be plugged into its robotic system and zipped into the back of the toy to control it.

The actions of the toy include reading stories to answering questions related to weather and what not. Only the prototype of the proposed toy is available currently, but we expect the real toy would come to the retail market this winter.

Developers claim that the toy has the ability to learn a person’s preferences and will talk according to the user’s aptitudes. It would have the ability to speak about 30 languages and other capabilities such as making phone calls, setting alarms, reading bed time stories and the like.

We also hear that it will come in three modes, one for children, one for general use and one for adults. The expected price is about $65, which is not more for a toy which acts as a life companion. Wouldn’t you want one by your side?

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