High End Headphones: Performance is Prime, Forget the Cost

August 6, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Most expensive headphones not only mean they are high in cost, but also that they are high in quality and performance.

The most expensive headphone ever in the market has come from the leading manufacturer of studio and stage microphones, Sennheiser. The limited number of headsets created by the company is the highest priced ever headphone, named ‘Sennheiser Orpheus’.

Only 300 of these hand made headphones exist in the world. Officially, the cost is $16,000. But you have to pay up to $30,000 to own one of those types.


Sennheiser Orpheus headphones consist of a tube amplifier and an electrostatic headphone connected together. Instead of a common moving coil, the headphone consists of an electronic transducer.

The result of the use of electronic transducer is the reduced diaphragm distortion. It also provides more clearly noiseless sound. The headphone has gold connectors as well. Its design is simply striking.

The interesting fact is that the expensive headphones which come after Sennheiser Orpheus costs just a fraction of the cost of the unique hand made one. Each of those expensive items has its own features; some may be having an aesthetic look while some others will produce a charming sound output in classic looks.


The Grado GS 1000 headphones which cost $995 is another expensive headset. It is hand assembled in the US and has mahogany ear pieces. The device gives the best audio  and the performance in mid and high frequency range are absolutely awesome. The beautiful and unique design also makes the headphone worth for that price.

Meanwhile, the Denon AH-D7100 costs $1200, and comes built with light weight strong nano fiber. The sound clarity of the device is enhanced by hand-carved mahogany ear clips. The comfort provided to the listener is pretty good in all senses. The little unstable frequency response is the only drawback of this headphone.

Sennheiser’s HD 800 is a handcrafted model by the German company. It costs $1500. It is made up of ultra light, ultra strong plastic. The top notch engineering and build quality gives highly accurate sound output. Detachable headphone cables are another advantage.


Audio-Technica’s ATH W5000 is another expensive headphone costs 2000USD.The classy appearance of the headphones is a good sight for the user. The ebony ear cup not only fits well, but also reduces unwanted noise. The stylish appearance and great performance make this one worth of cost.

Ultrasone edition 10 which costs $2800 is another good competent for the above discussed models. The ear cups and head bands are made by Ethiopian sheep skin leather, which is apparently the best and smoothest leather available in the world. The chassis of the headset is made from ruthenium, which retains a nice finish. The device delivers pure and clear sound.

There are many out there in the marketplace . All you need to decide is whether it is the price or performance that you value most.

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