I’m Stuck App Lets Your Reps Know When You Are Stuck in Traffic

August 5, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Everyday millions of people waste their valuable time and energy in traffic. The increase in number of motor vehicles and the small roads are spoiling a lot of time which is to be used for constructive purposes.

The I’m stuck app is made for sharing your misery in traffic with your local elected representatives. The app provides citizens an avenue to voice their frustrations to their representatives. No doubt, the app will be giving a new definition to citizen-politician interaction.

As the Wired magazine describes, the new app is just like tweeting a company CEO when a product fails. The app, which is mainly targeting passengers in the US, makes the senators hear from their constituents about how the lack of transportation and infrastructure funding affect the citizen adversely. The app will ensure that the voice of the citizen is heard.


The app will send a message directly to the local representative about the place where the citizen is struck and what is the reason for the congestion. It is a really good means for the citizen to voice his frustrations to the politicians.

The app is funded by an infrastructure advocacy group named ‘Building America’s Future’.  The app also has option to include the picture of the congestion in the message. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from Apple App Store and the Android Marketplace.

[Editor’s Note: For safety reasons, do not use this app while you are driving.  Pull over and then vent your frustrations!]

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