Distracted Driving a Concern; UK to Ban Use of Google Glass by Drivers

August 1, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have already told you lots about the much anticipated Google Glass. Wearable technology being the future, this innovation from Google has charmed may people and much new information has been revealed over the past few days.

We had also written about Google’s clarifications and answers to many a question that potential buyers posed to the maker. Now that almost all questions have been answered, everyone seems to be eager to go for one as soon as it becomes available.

But then, here comes something that Google and potential Glass customers would term a spoilsport. The news comes from the UK, where the Department of Transport has decided to ban the new wearable technology from Google for drivers.


The Department is said to be working proactively to enact regulations that would bar drivers from wearing Google Glass while operating a motor vehicle.

A UK Department of Transport representative has been quoted as saying that they are in discussion with the police to ensure enforcement of the prohibition on the use of the wearable gadget while driving.

As in every nation, the UK too wants drivers to give their full attention on the road when they are controlling the vehicle and anything that distracts their attention should be banned.

You may remember that the UK Department of Transport had some time ago banned the use of mobile phones while driving so as to ensure road safety.

According to a research by the US government, distracted driving kills thousands of people every year in the country. That could mean that a similar ban might go into effect in US also in the near future. Many nations could follow suit.

Meanwhile, a Google spokesperson has been heard saying that the Glass maker is aware of the fact that new technology always raises new issues. He went on to add that Google is thinking very carefully about how they design Google Glass so that safety of the public would be of prime importance.

However, we aren’t very sure how Google would act now in the face of such a ban coming forth.

Now tells us on which side are you? Would you approve of the use of Google Glass while at the wheel? We would love to hear from you on that.

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