Fingerprint Scanner in Your Next Apple iPhone! Yes, That’s Happening, Indeed

July 31, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Later this year, when a new iPhone model appears on the technology horizon, chances are that you will want to own it as soon as it arrives. As an added enticement, the rumor mills have been bragging about an awesome new feature.

Yes, you guessed it right. The new iOS device may possibly include a fingerprint scanner feature.  This isn’t something you would want to miss out on.

Now, with an app developer having spotted new codes in the soon to come iOS7, the feature is almost certain. iOS 7, currently in beta testing mode, has mention of “a fingerprint that changes color during the setup process.”


Hamza Sood, the London-based developer, has stamped anticipation to new heights by posting on Twitter an image of the code.

If you would want to take a look at it, a folder would show up captioned ‘BiometricKitUI’ . Now, that’s where Apple is heading for, for sure.

Reading this along with a year old news report that had stated that Apple had bought out security firm AuthenTec, which specializes in biometric technologies, makes it even more clear that Fingerprint scanner will be the most exciting addition in the latest iPhone.

Though we have been hearing a lot about Apple’s dreams of diving headlong into the fingerprint tech pool for quite a while, this is the first time that we have something solid to chew on. And, if that’s how it is going to go ahead, later this year we might be lucky enough to flaunt an iPhone that boasts of the technology inside.

When the fingerprint scanner finds its place in the phone, we all would find easier means to unlock the homescreen or confirm our identity for payment for purchases from the App Store and other counters.

It isn’t that no one else has tried out the technology earlier. For instance, Motorola and Lenovo have tried it out in some of their rigs. But then, when an iPhone comes sporting a fingerprint scanner, it is going to be a huge addition to high tech experiments.

That would also provide Apple with some potent ammunition with which to beat rivals too.

We hear Apple is expected to release two iPhone models this year. But then we aren’t very sure whether both the phones will be equipped with the technology. Chances are the expensive variant could come with a fingerprint scanner.

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