Go Green with Moto X; Much-Awaited Motorola Seen Dressed Up in Green Hues

July 30, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The August 1 Motorola event scheduled to open in New York is one occasion all tech enthusiasts will be tuning themselves into this week. Last week, we had updated you on the invitation sent out by guys at Moto for the event.

This would be the event where Motorola will lift the wraps off its next flagship device, dubbed the Moto X. The device, as we had mentioned, would benefit from the resources of Google, as it is a Google device with Motorola’s brand name.

What we need to expect is a high-end smartphone that will come unto us sporting an affordable price tag.


We had also heard Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside long back confirming that the Moto X device is real and that it will be in the market before this October. August is the time we will have it, folks.

Even as the enthusiasm has been growing in leaps and bounds, we just stumbled upon new info that states the Moto X could possible come in a variety of colors. A few days ago, folks at Nowhereelse had posted back plate leaks that revealed the device in green.

A new discovery by Droid-Life shows us something new. What they have got wind of are pictures posted Motorola’s Guy Kawasaki. The images, in fact, are of a company party.

What spurs much anxiety is the image of a Motorola employee hanging around with a Moto X-looking device painted in vivid green. From the image, you will be able spot the “M” logo of the company, camera lens, flash and other features found in the Motorola smartphone.

What we saw in the invite is info that said the device will be coming in two color options, black and white. But, it could be also possible that in future you will get to see more colors.


If it isn’t the color you are particular about, let us tell you, the Moto X is rumored to come with an entirely new design and will have a curvy back and a plain soft-touch finish instead Motorola’s traditional design format that includes angular shoulder and Kevlar coatings. Other features could be what we had updated you in our earlier report.

May be what Kawasaki had posted on his Google + page is a green phone. (The post has been pulled, so you needn’t look for it there now.) This could also mean that you will be able to get your own customized Moto X handset.

Though we aren’t sure what all components will be customizable, we tend to think they could be the hues, the storage capacity, the apps or the finish of the handset.

The August 1 event is what we are also going to watch closely. And when the device could possible reaching retail counters on August 23, we will also be there.

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