Samsung Smart Watch Model Number Leaks; May Surface at IFA

July 29, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung, as you know, had earlier confirmed that it is in the process of designing a smart watch and that it could launch in the near future. The latest is that the model number of the device has leaked.

The model number is purportedly SM-V700, but the leak gives us no hint of when the device would be released to the public.

We also hear Samsung Germany confirming that a smart watch prototype has surfaced already. That in fact rings a bell, considering that this year’s IFA might see the device on show.


If you would remember, leaked screenshots showing an interface that resembles a smart watch form factor had emerged on tech news space some time ago. Also, it is common knowledge that the South Korean manufacturer had earlier registered a trademark for the wearable gear this year.

With Samsung too looking at that terrain, it is for sure that the next big thing will be wearable technology. Manufacturers like Google, Sony and Apple are already ready with their devices, and are said to have already hired designers and developers for manufacturing their smart watch products.

If things go as planned, we might get to see tens of millions of devices from these high end manufacturers starting to ship next year onwards.

So folks, gear up to adorn your wrists with some awesome technology. Tell us what you expect.

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