Awesome Apps for Your Kids; Selecting Them Is Not Child’s Play!

July 29, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In this tech-oriented world, gadgets are not meant for just adults . They can be useful tools for a kid as there are many that provide access to education apps, storybooks, playful digital toys and many wonderful creative apps.

But for a parent, it could be difficult to select what’s safe and appropriate for their kids. Although thousands of apps are labeled as child friendly, all of them may not be as good as we think them to be.

That’s why we have tried to list a bunch of the best apps available now for your children. What we have here are a few kid apps for children aged between 2 and 16. But then, before downloading these apps, make sure you turn off in-app purchases and install a password. Also, read the guidelines and recommendations before installing app.


Touch and Sing Along Picture Book  app is our first recommendation for your kid. This wonderful app was created by the developers named SumahoMAMA, and it means “Cellphone Moms,” in Japanese. Interestingly, this app was created by a group of moms who were determined to introduce the very best ways to create a healthy, safe and manageable digital world to young kids.

It can be a helpful introductory app for children aged 2 and combines 12 classic children’s songs that will help him learn letters, body parts, numbers and basic elements of science. It also helps children to learn life skills to help kids to prepare for the real world.

WWF Together app from the World Wildlife Federation features the world’s most amazing and endangered animals including the interactive stories of giant pandas, polar bears and tigers. One of the best features of WWF Together app is that its graphics are excellent. You can download the app from iTunes and is available for free.

Locomotive Labs’s Todo Elementary Math Series  is another app that aims at teaching basic counting and calculations, telling time and measuring money to kids. This free iTune app will be helpful for all children including the kids with learning differences.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore  app is actually based on a 2012 Oscar-winning animated short film. This picture book app is available at $4.99 and encourages kids to make sounds, tap, tilt and play.

Storia, in the meanwhile, is a reading app from Scholastic and is a useful kid app that features an entire library of teacher-recommended books, and a variety of fun and engaging games. This app is made for children aged above 6 and offers lots of fun to kids and comes with word puzzles and image games to engage kids.

If you want to teach your kid geography then ‘Stack the States ’ is the best app. It helps to teach the kids the state capitals, geographic locations, flags and shapes.

Another math app named BuzzMath Middle School is a practice tool for kids above grade six. It offers various fun exercises and we also recommend it for parents.

If your child wants to be a writer or poet in future, you can help them with this wonderful Watt Pad app. It allows kids to post their short stories, novels and poems so that others can read and critique about it.

Which one of these are you bringing home for your child to play and learn with?

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