Google Glass App Developers Advised to Work On Android Ahead Of GDK Launch

July 27, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google is all set to release a series of powerful applications for its much anticipated Google Glass. In the current scenario, Glass developers can only build apps that are essentially web-based services that talk to the user’s hardware through a set of relatively limited APIs.

However, the latest is that Google is gearing up to reveal some more absolute applications for Google Glass.

At an  I/O developer meet, Google announced that it would shortly release a so-called Glass Development Kit (GDK), that would let developers build Android-based apps for Glass that can run directly on a device.


So far, however, Google hasn’t launched the GDK. Instead, Google is encouraging developers, who are waiting for the GDK, to start working on Android apps for Glass using the standard Android SDK (API Level 15) so as to try out their ideas.

As Google notes, developers can use the SDK to access low-level hardware to render OpenGL and use stock Android UI widgets, for instance.

Developers can also access the accelerometer of Glass through the SDK. Glass, after all, runs Android 4.0.4, so it’s a flattering obvious height for many developers.


In its bid to assist newcomers to get started, a series of representation apps have also been shown off to exhibit some of the stuff developers can do with Android on Glass.

Over the next few weeks, the team is also expected to use these sample apps to “demonstrate the migration path between a traditional Android app and a full glass experience”.

For Glass to stretch full potential, developers would need an improved entry to a device’s hardware. So, it’s good to see Google going ahead with this move. What do you feel, folks?

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