Google Chromecast Keeps Online Content Flowing Into Your TV Set

July 25, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has announced its new gadget christened Chromecast. It is a dongle that gives you easy access online entertainment on TV. The tech giant announced the release of its new device that plugs into a TV’s HDMI port, and allows you to stream video, pictures and music from the Internet.

The device measures 2 inches in length, runs a simplified version of chrome OS and is designed to be completely cross platform, working with chrome, windows, Mac, Android, iPad and iPhone, because it uses the cloud to create the link between the device in your hand and the TV you are watching.

Like the Apple TV or Roku, it allows users to connect to streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix using their smartphones, tablets or laptops, like a remote control to watch content on their television sets at home.


Chromecast is an app-driven gadget that lets you watch content from any number of devices on your TV. It works in such a way that the gadget communicates with the user’s mobile device, pulls the content itself from the cloud, leaving the smartphone free for other tasks.

The gadget now costs $35, and comes with a 3-month free subscription of Netflix, and is now available online.

It will be available in stores from 28 July. You just need Wi-Fi and a TV with HDMI port to use Chromecast. Are you getting one for yourself?

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