Sexy Curves Hitting the TV Terrain; LG 55-Incher OLED Device Could Lure You

July 23, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The future of television looks like it’s heading for the curvy terrain. The forerunner happens to be LG Electronics and the company has ushered in the new technology to US shores.

What the South Korean major would be bringing to our midst will be a 55-inch curved-screen television, and it will be available at Best Buy. The online retailer will kick off pre-orders , which will stay for the next fortnight.

Will LG have rivals in this terrain is one question that continues to be asked. As if answering the query, Samsung has also hinted at similar hardware, but hasn’t yet revealed launch plans.


But, considering that Sammy’s panel making unit Samsung Display Co already boasts big stuff on the OLED horizon, we need to believe that the company has a big curved screen device in the offing.

Who else will line up as LG rivals on this OLED curved screen territory is not yet known. But we can be sure that many more competitors could hint at their curved screen products in the coming days.

Coming back to the LG device, we get to know that the 55-inch curved display television set will sport a price of $14,999. Promising a variety of hues, this huge home entertainment device might evoke good initial demand.

However, we aren’t very sure as to whether the demand for these next-generation TV sets will sustain. It would depend on the specs list and the rival companies’ devices performance for LG to rule the segment.

As we have already heard, LG has already had troubles with big screen devices as its main panel maker LG Display Co is still in the doldrums, thanks to its struggle toward strengthening  production yields for the displays using organic light-emitting-diode technology or OLED as we know it.

However, the company is very positive about OLED technology and wouldn’t mind pumping more money into that area.  LG feels OLED screens can find buyers as they offer a super thin form factor and are wallet-friendly when it comes to power consumption.


Going by what WSJ reports on this aspect, LG feels that design is one major factor that buyers now look at.  And OLEDs permit thin TV screens to be made. And when they can be thin, they can be curved too . Further, more applications would also be able to be integrated themselves into them.

What we would be staring into would be those amazing piece of technology that would render pretty images on a huge curved screen.  With LG already heading to American markets and Samsung gearing up for a worthy rival device, we need to wait and look for the awesomeness these devices can offer.

Join us as we look to go deeper before hitting the Buy button.

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