Canary App-Driven Home Security System Lets You Have Full Control

July 23, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you have shopped for home security systems some time in your life, you would readily agree that the majority of them function in the same manner, more or less.

The ones that are now available in the market place come with sensors, Wi-Fi enabled cameras and alarms. However, they tend to offer you limited control over your own security. You may find it difficult to remotely control some of them them too.

It is here that Canary comes in. Offering a permanent fix to the issues that the old generation security systems carry along, Canary has ushered in a single box packed with sensors and an app so as to let you have ultimate control.


According to Adam Sager, co-founder and CEO of Canary, the goal has been to make a single device that would enable users to gather information about their home, especially when they are away.

Canary system consists of a night vision capable HD camera which can be placed anywhere as per your convenience. The camera features a wide angle lens packed in a Wi-Fi enabled box.

The system also has a mechanism to report temperature, motion, humidity, air quality and can function as alarm when needed.

A 3-axis accelerometer embedded inside can detect earthquakes and can report this information via an iOS or Android app. The system offers the user more granular control.

This smart home security system that can be controlled by an app is yours to pick at an alluring price. All you need to shell out is $199 for each box.

Canary is currently available as an Indiegogo campaign, with an early bird special running at $149 for a Canary box. So, are you game?

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