Nexus 7 Next Iteration Almost Peeping Out of Google Event; New Variant Could Sport Awesome Features

July 20, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We had some time ago told you about Google’s invite for a breakfast meeting with Sundar Pichai, head of Android and Chrome at Google, early next week. It of course pointed to something big coming to the Android terrain.

Post the invite, tech enthusiasts got on to some mega action and found out that a brand new 7-inch tablet could make its entry. Moreover, info flowing out of rumor mills points towards a refreshed Nexus 7 in the offing .

It seems that Google is likely to replace its $200 tablet with a $229 variant. It could come with a high screen resolution, good cameras and processor power.


Earlier, it was thought that embedding Tegra line for the Snapdragon S4 Pro could be the highlight of this device. But now it seems that new hardware would feature multiple video out standards and wireless charging.

The leaks tend to make us run into a few conclusions. The new device is expected to include a slim port that would support 1080p output. Meanwhile, other leaks point to only one microUSB port on the device, thus hinting that the hardware is likely to support MHL for video and charging through the same port.


Wireless charging facility is also spotted in leaks. That could mean that a Qi coil would probably be somewhere on the back of the tablet. The Android 4.3 OS variant supports Miracast for wireless video sharing. Much to the joy of video viewers, the new tablet will be packing plenty of options for cloning video on the screen.

Google is likely to announce the new hardware next week and is expected to bring it to the markets on July 31st.

But then, before we start celebrating, we need to wait for a few more days. Join us as we go hunting for more.

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