Say Hello to Liquidmetal; You Might See Apple Devices of the Future Sporting the Material

July 18, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

News on Liquidmetal has been raging on tech websites for quite a while. The metal alloy is said to be something that can help deliver thinner, lighter and more flexible devices. However, the manufacturing community has never been able to put it to good use until now.

It now looks like Apple has figured out the perfect method to use Liquidmetal in its future products. According to a report from folks at Electronista, upcoming products from Apple will be made of this cool, beautiful substance.

It has been reported that Apple has filed a patent for a bulk amorphous alloy sheet forming process. The patent claims “A float plant, which operates non-stop for between 10-15 years, could make around 6000 kilometers of BMG glass a year in thicknesses of 0.1 mm to 25 mm, more preferably 0.4 mm to 15 mm and in widths up to 3 meters, for example.”.


The thickness of the material would be between 0.1mm and 25mm and widths of up to three meters. Altogether, the technique seems similar to the float glass process that is used for making window panes.

Liquidmetal is a glass-like metal that is strong as well as lightweight in nature. It is also corrosion-resistant and flexible. Moreover, this material removes some of the difficulties and issues related to forming and cutting of metal therefore with this material it is easier to create specific items.

Although it is easier to make the material, the mixing of large sheets of the metal in a controllable thickness could be a tough job. Any of the current methods of manufacturing, stretching and molding the metal sheets can’t fit with this Liquidmetal.

However, Liquidmetal is considered as one of the stronger alternative to plastic and a more flexible substitute to metal.

Apple’s patent for production methods of Liquidmetal in thicknesses between 0.1mm and 25mm, clearly shows that Cupertino has plans to use the metal in its future products such as iPhones, iPads and any other devices like the rumored iWatch . So far, iPhones’s SIM removal tool is the only Liqidmetal Apple product.

Well, Apple is not the first mobilephone manufacturer to include the Liquidmetal in its products. About 10 years ago, Vertu had made it possible. The Vertu Ascent handsets launched in 2004 was the first range of handsets featuring the LiquidMetal alloy.

These handsets had high durability and perfection. They were beautiful and gorgeous devices and also had a sapphire crystal display.

If Apple is planning to bring a LiquidMetal iPhone 5S, it would probably use the sapphire material to cover the company’s displays. And unlike Vertu, Apple would launch hundreds of millions of handsets with this material.

In addition to the most durable case material, Apple devices would also promise the most amazing hardware and software in it. No wonder if they are going to be the ideal handsets of the future.

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