Microsoft Surface Smartwatch to Launch in 2014 in a Variety of Colors

July 17, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft is reportedly working on a smartwatch, and it is being made by the Surface team. Rumors suggest that prototypes of this smartwatch are already being used by a few Microsoft employees as part of the device testing process.

We hear that Microsoft has plans to release a competitor to Apple iWatch. The earlier rumors had also suggested that it will be a touchscreen smartwatch with possibly a 1.5-inch screen.

An AmongTech report suggests that Microsoft’s smartwatch will come with interchangeable bands and will be available in different colors like blue, red, yellow, black, white, and grey.


It also says that this smartwatch will be made of Oxynitride Aluminum, a material which is 80 percent transparent and four times harder than glass.

In a recent post we had read that this smartwatch will be handled by the Surface team who earlier worked on Xbox accessories and the Kinect sensor. It is also rumored that this Surface smartwatch will come with an adapted version of Windows 8, along with built-in radios, so that customers can use it independently from a smartphone.

The smartwatch is also said to come integrated with other Windows-based devices and will include 6GB of storage and LTE support. We need to expect it to come our way in 2014.

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