Apple Lining Up Technology That Would Let TV Viewers Skip Commercials

July 16, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Everyone knows how irritating it feels when a commercial jumps on to your television in the midst of your favorite show or movie.  It’s just not you and I, as folks at Apple have also found it irksome. That could be why the Cupertino-based company is now hitting the workshops to bring to our midst a new technology that would allow TV viewers to skip advertisements.

The technology would be in the form of an updated TV set-top box. Going by a CNet report, the new addition could come to us as a premium service for Apple TV owners. It is also being reported that Apple has already started parleys with various cable networks to market the technology.

If you wonder what difference this would make to Apple TV set-top box that streams pre-recorded content, we get to know that this would change soon. Though Apple’s live content has been limited to its own keynote addresses and concerts, the scenario is in all likelihood poised to change.

Apple tv

Many a news report has in the recent past published grapevine talk on Apple’s possible plans to streaming content on subscription that would probably beat content offered by cable providers. It may also be recalled that the company had almost struck a deal with Time Warner Cable to add live channels to the set-top box via an app.

So, that could also mean that the new technology that would let viewers skip commercials is in the offing. When it actually arrives, the Apple TV set-top box too would be ready with live content. We need to wait to see how the whole technology would work in the marketplace.

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