iWatch Enthusiasm Rages as Apple Looks to Hire Staff to Design iDevice

July 15, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Some time ago, when the rumor mills churned out stuff relating to Apple’s thoughts on building a wearable device, the tech news space had gone into a tizzy bringing in all sorts of info that surfaced.  But then, many out there thought such a device from Apple wasn’t a possibility at least in the near term.

And then, the company filing a trademark for iWatch on Japanese terrain came about with some enthusiasm. Even the pessimists started waiting for the actual wearable iDevice to arrive.

As if keeping with the mood, the Cupertino based major is now looking at increasing staff strength which we guess is of course for building the wearable device.


Going by what the Financial Times reports, Apple is indeed sprucing up headcount for its iWatch lab. However, there isn’t any hint as yet on when or whether the actual device would finally show up. The rumors live on.

It is being said the company is indeed gone on an aggressive mode so as to hire the best engineers who will build the device. If you ask us how many new employees are being roped in, we are currently not in a position to tell you the exact numbers.  What is being rumored is that Apple wants to hire employees so that it can solve a few hard engineering problems it has been finding itself difficult to solve.

Wearable computing is in, by all counts . If you have been tracking news on the scenario, you would have read our reports that spoke extensively about the various wearable gadgets that are in the works at different manufacturers.

We had told you about Samsung’s plans to enter the smartwatch business some time ago. Further, Google was also said to be making its way into the same territory with a proposed Nexus smartwatch. These apart, LG and Dell have also evinced keen interest to be part of the party.

With the scenario getting immensely crowded, it would take some extra effort from the part of Apple to make the rumored iWatch exemplary. And that could be why it doesn’t want any engineering hassles to come its way.

The new recruits will take care of all that, the company must be thinking on those lines for sure.


All said, there isn’t any hint of whether the iWatch will debit in a few days. What we need to expect is an early 2014 arrival. There are also people who think the iWatch could come to stores by the end of the current year.

With the Cupertino major hiring Paul Deneve, the Yves Saint Laurent man, for its special projects, we need to expect an awesome Apple design to adorn our wrists in the future. We will also need to wait to know if the device would come sporting curved glass on top. Remember, there had been rumors that spoke of this too earlier.

Get set for the iWatch. That’s what we feel like saying at this moment. What is your take on the whole buzz?

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