Navigation Via Your Windshield; Garmin Head-Up Displays for Cars Arrive

July 9, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In the past, we have seen Sat-Nav firm Garmin brining in various smartphone solutions to the market. The company has now developed a new portable head-up display (HUD) for cars. The latest innovation is such that it projects navigation information from a smartphone on to your vehicle’s windscreen.

The portable HUD device uses a transparent film attached to the windshield. It works with a smartphone and uses a Garmin app called Garmin StreetPilot 1 or Navigon app to generate navigation information. The portable HUD is compatible with Android phones, iPhones and Windows 8 handsets.

The gadget projects navigation information, including directional arrows, distances, current speed and speed limits on the vehicle’s windscreen. The device works both during daytime and night.


Also, it can automatically adjust the brightness levels of the display, so that the driver can easily read the instructions.

You can also get voice alerts via a smartphone’s speaker or a car stereo, which works with the Bluetooth short range radio technology.

According to Tim Edwards, a principal engineer at the future transport technology division at motor industry research firm Mira, until now HUDs were available only in a few top model vehicles. But with Garmin HUD’s, any mid-range vehicle owner can access the facility.

He has been quoted as saying that using Garmin HUD is better than using inbuilt display technologies, because in an inbuilt display you could find it difficult to update.

The whole package of Garmin HUD would cost around $130 and it will be on sale by late summer.

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