Wearable Tech Entices Dell Too; Scene Getting Crowded Like Never Before

July 8, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Wearable technology is considered the future in the technology terrain. And that could be why device manufacturers out there are prepping some kind of wearable technology. When all others are treading that path, would Dell want to be left behind?  The PC maker, who has been going through a bumpy ride as of late, is now reportedly looking towards wearable technology and might move towards one such device.

As we all know, the global PC market is continuously shrinking has posted a significant sales drop. CEO Michael Dell has been thinking of taking the company private and because of these reasons, Dell badly needs a new source of income.

Going by what Sam Burd, vice president and general manager of Dell’s Consumer and SMB Product Group, narrated to The Guardian, the company of course sees opportunities in wearable computing devices and is exploring ideas in that space.


It is believed that Dell will have to meet challenges such as cost and manufacturing methods. But then, those aspects notwithstanding, Dell seems pretty interested in such an arena, and wouldn’t want to go only with computers that are getting smaller in market share day after day.

So we need to expect that the increasing demand for mobile computing devices will further improve the growth of wearable technology and, devices and form factors will continue to change in the coming years. We have been seeing Google, Apple and many more looking at the arena with much enthusiasm already.

We heard Burd also confirming that, in future Dell too is planning to introduce a few wearable connected devices like Glass and watches.

Many other tech giants have already introduced a variety of wearable products in the market. Google’s Glass device is said to be a top tech device. It lets users to access the web service and allows voice call, taking video and photos and many more features.

Google’ rival Apple too is said to be preparing some kind of a wrist-watch. Recently, the Cupertino based tech behemoth had filed a trademark for iWatch in Japan. A few other reports also suggest that together with Foxconn, Apple is working on a curved glass smartwatch. Pebble and Sony are already marketing their Bluetooth connected smartwatch. Samsung is also toeing the line, as we recently told you here.

google glass

And For Dell, it is important to shun dependency on the dwindling fortunes in the PC market. In the first quarter of this year, Dell’s overall revenue dropped to 2 percent and profits fell 51 percent. PC sales at Dell fell 9 percent during the period.

According to industry analysts, global PC sales will continue to fall during the rest of the year. Meanwhile, Gartner analysts suggest that PC shipments in 2013 will drop up to 10.6 percent.

It is believed that consumers and businesses users prefer tablets and smartphones instead PCs. And tech manufacturers see a lot of promise in wearable technology too. No wonder, everyone is looking at the wearable technology scenario as a new business horizon.

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