New Gorilla Glass Claims to be Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Glare

July 8, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As you all know, Gorilla Glass has found its use in several popular gadgets such as Dell XPS Ultrabooks, Apple iPhones and iPads and the HTC One. Samsung has also brought in the Gorilla Glass 3 version on its latest Galaxy S4 smartphone as of late.

At a recent event, Corning Incorporated, the manufacturer of Gorilla Glass, announced that their product has been used on more than 1.5 billion consumer electronics devices around the world. That’s indeed a pretty admirable number, right?

During MIT’s Mobile Technology Summit in last June, Jeffery Evenson, senior vice president of Corning unveiled their latest Gorilla Glass 4 version, which is said to have properties that will offer protection from scratches and greasy fingerprints.


Gorilla Glass 4 also comes with a new reflection-blocking technology that is considered as a solution to the visibility limitations of many gadgets.

This brand new Gorilla Glass also holds an anti-bacterial element. With this feature, Corning mainly targets medical devices and offers more than 106 bacterial reduction potential.

Gorilla is lighter and stronger than normal glass, so a few automakers are also thinking of incorporating it into their future vehicles. It can reduce the weight of a vehicle and thus will improve fuel economy.

This apart, Corning’s brand new “Willow Glass” material is ultra-slim and bendable, and can be used in flexible mobile devices.

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