Still in Doubt about Google Glass? Here’s Something You Could Bite Into

July 5, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you are still in doubt about Google Glass, don’t worry. Google has some clarifications and answers for all the questions you hurl at the device. The company has posted a new online FAQ page on its official site that answers a few important questions regarding the new upcoming high-tech device.

If you have been tracking news on Google Glass, you would have seen many reports including ours which spoke of questions regarding facial recognition technology in the Glass device .

Google has tried to answer some common doubts about the Glass and clarified almost everything from the functions of Glass, software used and the availability of the device.


A visit to the page would throw open before you four categories that comprise general stuff about Google Glass, spec details, privacy and security issues and its software details.

In the first section, Google answers the most basic questions about Glass such as: What is Glass? What does Glass do? In this category, Google explains that Glass will actually lower people’s dependency on technology.

We have already heard about major app developers working on making their presence visible on Google Glass  platform as well. In fact, Twitter has already begun  their part of the job too.

According to Google, this wearable device would do everything from maps, voice search, video calls to email, Google Now, Calendar and more.

If you are looking to know when the Glass will be available, Google has an answer to that too. According to the maker, the Glass will initially only be on the US market. But do not worry, the device will be available after that to consumers all over the world.

Moving on to the next section, Google elaborates on the screen, technical specs of Glass and its storage capacity. The device is said to be have 16 GB of flash memory, which can be used to store video and photos. Google also revealed that it is currently working on frames, so that users can add prescription lenses to Glass.

The third section of the FAQ page discusses the most sensitive topic about Glass – privacy and security issues. Google has tried to eliminate the fears of its customers regarding security.

It ensures that customers will have control over the information they share with Google. And while taking pictures and recording a video the Glass’s screen will be illuminated. Also, Glass requires a command or an explicit action to make it work. Therefore, a non Glass owner can be informed if their picture is being taken by someone using a Glass.

The final category of FAQ, sheds light into the software for Glass. It suggests that services on Glass are called Glassware and it will be available for users via their MyGlass page.


Google has plans to include services that help to fitness, training and even karaoke lyrics.  Also, it hopes that, in future, it will include Glassware that helps people with disabilities.

As you all know, Google Glass has already triggered several debate over the device. Though the FAQs have cleared some doubts, confusion still remains about Glass device – at least for some people out there, that is. However, we think Google needs some applause for trying to clear concerns about Glass this way. Good going, folks!

And, if you are someone wants to know more about Google’s wearable high-tech Glass device, we suggest you head for the FAQ page made just for you.

Though a survey report had sometime ago  suggested that people who don’t like to purchase the Glass device are mostly turned off because of its high cost and “uselessness”, we have decided to go for one of those amazing rigs.

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