iPhone 5S: The Rumors That We’d Love to Confirm

July 4, 2013, By Alex Ion

The iPhone 5 had barely reached the shelves before rumors about its successor started to emerge. And now, months on, there is even more speculation surrounding the new model. The fact that there is no official word on the next iPhone, not even whether it would be the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6, has not stopped the rumor mill.

So far, much of the talk seems to conclude that, whatever the new iPhone is called, it will be focused more on new features and capabilities than a new look and design. Nobody can be sure exactly what will be released later this year but for now, let’s take a look at some of the rumors.

iphone 5s

It is widely expected that the new model will be announced in September or October, going by previous launches in those months. This is likely to coincide with the release of iOS 7 around the same period.

An increase in camera resolution is a big bet, with the 128GB iPad paving the way for this improvement.

In terms of screen size and display only time will tell. CEO Tim Cook has said the screen will not be bigger, but that doesn’t really rule it out. And as for different size models or even a budget version, there is no way of knowing.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the next iPhone will not be very different from the iPhone 5. Its sources said there will not be any dramatic changes.

But some reports suggest there could be one massive difference – new colors. Green and gold options could be offered alongside the standard white and black handsets, it has been said. If a budget version does happen, it could be available in even more color options.

And at least one analyst is expecting a 4.8-inch screen to become reality, helping the iPhone to better compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek has given his predictions for an iPhone 5s, saying it would have a super HD camera and screen, improved battery and NFC technology.  He also says there could be an IGZO screen for Retina+ and more storage. But he did say this new phone would be released in June, so he obviously does not have everything right.

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