Gaming Laptops: Buying the Right Machine Can Be Tricky!

July 4, 2013, By Alex Ion

If you have your eye on some of the new game releases for 2013 then you will want to make sure that your gaming laptop is up to the job.

Hardcore gamers recognize the importance of the right kit, but if you are new to gaming and not sure how to choose the ultimate laptop, read on for some handy hints.

There are five key things that you should look for when selecting a new gaming laptop to ensure you get the most out of the experience.

17inch gaming laptop - Blade

GPU – Graphics Processing Unit

Also known as the graphics card, this is a vital element as it determines how the game is displayed and also how quickly. For fast-moving or 3D games with a lot of detail a high-end graphics card is important. A cheap graphics card can ruin the whole experience. NVidia, ATi and AMD are three of the leading graphics card manufacturers. Bear in mind too that as much RAM as possible will help the GPU do its job smoothly.

CPU – Central Processing Unit

This runs alongside the GPU to run basic functions so it too must be fast. Generally speaking, the more cores the better – dual-core or above for gaming. The GHz at which it runs is also important – a dual-core at 3GHz will be slower than a quad-core at 2GHz. For those who can wait a month or two, the impressive Intel Haswell processor unit is going to rock the boat at ultra fast speeds and low energy use.

Intel Haswell CPU

RAM – More, the better

The RAM keeps a program running and also determines how many can be running at the same time. Higher RAM usually equates to better performance. For gaming, look for a minimum of 4GB RAM and 512MB dedicated video RAM.

Hard drive – Faster, the better

This is the physical storage element of the laptop, so a bigger hard drive means you can keep more files and programs in its memory. A 500GB hard drive should suffice, and you can buy an external hard drive to add memory down the line. SATA hard drives are particularly recommended by gamers. RPM is important for hard drive performance, so look for around 7,200RPM. Or if you can afford it, remember that nothing can beat SSD – it’s fast, secure and simply flies.

samsung flash


Resolution is the way pictures are displayed and is determined by the number of pixels. A 1280 x 1024 resolution on a 17” screen is a good standard for gamers. The smaller the screen, the lower the resolution required for a decent image.

Bearing all these things in mind you can now start to compare gaming laptops at eBuyer. There are options for all budgets and you will also find that the laptops offer much more than just great gaming experiences.

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