Buy Comics Online, and Keep Them Too

July 4, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you are someone who enjoys a digital comic book, then you would know that you actually never own the material. Though you pay almost the same price as you would for a print issue, you can’t download the comic file to your hard drive.

Every major US comics’ publisher had adopted this method, as they fear that piracy of digital copies will affect their sales including the print version.

But Image Comics has decided to change this situation. It has now announced that it will allow downloading of digital comics. Thereby, it would also become the first major comic book group offering DRM-free digital comics.


The publisher has also confirmed that users can save these downloaded digital comics in their computers, smartphones or tablet devices. Users can download the comics in various file-types including EPUB, PDF, CBR, and CBZ.

During the recent Image Expo event, Eric Stephenson of Image Comics was heard saying that piracy is bad for bad entertainment. According to him, a good comic book, even if people download it illegally and enjoy it, chances are that they would look at purchasing the book.

The Image Comics website has been relaunched with new DRM-free offerings and will be releasing the best selling series like The Walking Dead.

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