Consoles Galore: What Chances Do Google and Apple Gaming Devices Have?

June 29, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have been hearing rumors about Google’s plan to make its own Android-based video gaming console  for quite a while now.

Grapevine murmur had it that Google’s plan comes close on the heels of Apple also thinking of releasing a videogame console in the near future.

If these rumors turn true, it would fully change the scenario of the console market, which is ruled over by Microsoft’s Xbox One, Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii U.

However, experts opine that these supposedly upcoming gaming consoles from Google and Apple might not be designed to play games like Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty. Instead, they would be designed to play those popular Android or iOS handheld games on a bigger screen.


According to John C. Dvorak at PCMag, both Apple and Google will be thinking about a tablet gaming machine, as it would help sell more tablet devices. Recently, Nintendo’s latest Wii U console was introduced with a small, dedicated tablet that can be used to play a game without a TV or screen.

If what we hear is right, Google and Apple will introduce a similar device like Nintendo’s WiiU tablet, but instead of simply copying the design, the tech giants might offer something more for its customers.

Meanwhile, there are many others who believe that Google’s real inspiration could be a little start up named Ouya. This gaming console has collected around $8.5 million on Kickstarter in just a week.

Possibly, the success of the Ouya has attracted the attention of Google and Apple and that could be why they too have decided to consider the potential that the console market offers.

For the record, Ouya introduced a $99 Android-based console and game controller that plays phone games on their TV. Though it promises a mass amount of games, it feels so cheap, as it has been made on a budget. But if Google and Apple are jumping into the fray, then definitely they would bring a much better product that falls in the same category.

Experts still think that Apple and Google products would not completely replace the traditional video game console, because a console that aims to play phone games on TV can’t replace the one actually meant to play real games.

If Google or Apple is really determined to enter the gaming console market we need to think what would be the actual outcome. As we all know, the console market is already crowded and if any one has plans to enter that market, it would be a real struggle to them to achieve success.

Definitely, a new comer would not be trusted like traditional console manufacturers. On the other hand, such a move from Apple or Google would prove to be a threat to the leaders in the market, such as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

However, the bottom line seems to be that no one believes that the console market is so big to accommodate a few more players. What do you think, folks?

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